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Buying Fruits in Season: How Does it Support Sustainability

Purchasing your groceries during their seasons is, in several ways, beneficially sustainable. Buying food in season is essentially buying them during the period that they are harvested. For example, asparagus, snap peas and artichokes, are all harvested in the fall, making them foods that are in season during fall. By purchasing foods at the time they are harvested, you would be lowering the greenhouse gas emissions, as a majority of food that is produced and sold outside of their season are brought in from outside countries. When brought in from outside countries, transporting then foods contributes negatively to the environment, as the transportation often results in pollution as a whole. Furthermore, by buying foods in season, you are contributing to a healthy diet by eating foods at their natural harvest, as at times, foods are genetically modified to be harvested outside of their season. (Check out our article on GMOs to learn more!) Now that we’re approaching the season of summer, make sure to check some of the following foods that would be in season, so that you can become more sustainable while enjoyed some great foods; fruits such as peaches, watermelons, blackberries, and plums!


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