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How Does Healthy Soil Affect Sustainability?

Healthy soil is crucial for the success of a field and for the health of the crops that grow on it. Not only is it crucial for this, but it can also have a big impact on the sustainability of the field. It has been found that through practices that keep the soil healthy, more water is conserved, less non-renewable energy is used, and the crops become healthier. Soil, when it is healthy, absorbs huge amounts of carbon in order to keep it and the plants growing in it healthy. Because of this, certain practices can help the soil improve and allow it to take in more carbon from the air. This means that the soil gets healthier, the plants growing in it get healthier, and less carbon stays in our atmosphere. This also allows the soil to hold water better, which would decrease the amount of watering needed and give more durability during unpredicted weather, such as droughts. Healthy soil makes our produce healthier and provides many more nutrients because of the things that it is able to provide the crops. Having healthy soil is one of the best solutions that farmers can take in order to become more sustainable and get healthier crops!


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