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Sustainable Sundays: What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is essentially applying packaging which in turn improves sustainability and benefits society. This can look like packaging that has alternative uses, packaging that can be reused or that was made from sustainable material such as plants or recycled material, packing that is compostable and forth. Some more concrete examples of sustainable packaging are how Ikea uses mushroom based packaging rather than their non sustainable styrofoam packaging, Coca Cola’s Plant Bottle created using plant based materials and Boxed Water, who’s whole goal is to provide an alternative to bottled water, an alternative that supports sustainability. There are many companies and products that support and practice sustainable packaging aside from those previously mentioned, companies such as the following; Nestle, Colgate, Boxed Water, and many more. By supporting these companies and purchasing products that practice sustainable packing, you in turn will be leading a more sustainable lifestyle while encouraging companies and such that encourage sustainability as well.


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