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The Health Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is a food that is enjoyed by millions around the world almost daily. It can be added to almost any meal and had a variety of flavours, textures, and smells. Did you know that it even has some health benefits? Since cheese is a dairy product, it is high in calcium and protein, as well as vitamin A and B-12. Cheeses that are high in fat, such as Brie, blue cheese, and cheddar, contain a type of acid (conjugated linoleic acid) that can help reduce the chances for obesity and heart disease. Though dairy products are very nutritious and provide great benefits in terms of heart health and inflammation, it’s found that fermenting dairy (how cheese and yoghurt is made) may increase those benefits even more. Cheese does contain saturated fat, which can be unhealthy if it consumed at high levels. This is especially true in highly-processed cheese flavoured products that don’t contain a lot of actual cheese. Overall, cheese is a great source of nutrients that can keep your bones, heart, and gut healthy, but it should always be consumed in moderation.


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