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The Health Benefits of Chocolate Milk

As kids, we all probably loved drinking a cold glass of chocolate milk on a hot day. You might think that it wasn’t healthy for you because it contained chocolate, but the truth is actually opposite of that, and you might want to consider reintroducing chocolate milk into your diet. Since chocolate milk is made out of cow’s milk mixed with cocoa and sugar, you are getting all of the nutrients that milk provides. This means a lot of Vitamin D, calcium, protein, etc. (if you want to learn more about the healthy benefits of cow’s milk, we have an article on that too!). The problem that most face when drinking chocolate milk is the added sugar, but in recent years, sugar in chocolate milk has been reduced drastically, and there are many lower-sugar options out there that shouldn’t affect your diet significantly. One of the most compelling reasons to drink it as an adult is its recovery properties. Chocolate milk has actually been deemed an excellent post-workout recovery drink due to it’s nutrients. Protein helps repair muscles, carbs help restore energy and keep the liver healthy, and fluid and electrolytes help restore those lost during the workout. It might also be easier on the stomach of some who don’t like eating right after a workout, plus it tastes delicious!


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