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The History of Farming Machinery

Agriculture and farming has developed significantly as time progresses, with farming machinery being one of the most crucial developments. Farming machinery follows after its name and in simple terms is machines used in farming, machines such as tractors, steam machines, ploughs, rollers and so forth. The purpose of the machinery is to simplify agriculture and farming processes and labours, all used in different aspects of work. Previous to machinery, animals or livestock served as a prime method of premeditated machinery, back in the 19th century. Prior to that, it was found that ancient civilizations used makeshift plows as far back as 5500 BC, along with the usage of wooden plows pulled by animals and antiquated silos. A more current development in machinery had been in the late 17th century, when English inventor Thomas Savery created a type of steam engine. As time would prolong, more advanced creations would be constructed, examples being a plough created by Thomas Jefferson in 1784, the creation of a grain drill by Moses and Samuel Pennock, and more.


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