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The History of Irrigation

Irrigation has become a convenient way for farmers to nurture their crops and provide them the water that they need. Though it may seem like a relatively modern practice, forms of irrigation have existed for a long time. Farmers in Egypt were believed to invent irrigation in 6000 BC, as they were able to redirect floods in a strategic way to water their crops. This, along with the fertile land next to the Nile, helped Egypt maintain its successful society as they were able to produce great amounts of food. Irrigation systems varied between continents, but there is evidence that each society used some form of irrigation for their crops. Since these times, irrigation practices have evolved with technology and are able to offer a lot more precision and efficiency. Despite of the developments, some ancient irrigation techniques are still used today, such as they surface systems, which moves the water across the fields just like in ancient times. Irrigation is an incredibly important part of a healthy field, and the fact that it has been around for thousands of years shows the development of innovation that the human race has accomplished in those years!


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