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The History of Seafood Consumption

Seafood has become a much beloved part of many people’s diet. Its health benefits and flavour profiles attract millions around the world, and it has become a staple in many people’s everyday life. This is not a new phenomenon though, as human being have been eating seafood for thousands of years. Scientists have been able to determine through physical evidence that seafood consumption has been around for 165,000 years in Africa, which dates back to around the time when human beings first evolved. Since then, more evidence has been around the world to suggest people were eating seafood, for example, in Italy 110,000 years ago. Early civilization used seafood not only for food, but also for pigment and glue-like material used in the construction of tools. As time went on, many indigenous communities who lived by the water used the sea as one of their biggest food source. They learned to develop efficient traps that allowed them to catch fish in an easier way and relied on them as a staple in their diet. Studies show that fish even played a role in human brain development because of its nutrients-rich nature. Since then, fish and seafood has remained a huge part of modern diet, and almost any type of seafood can be bought and eaten!


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