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The History of Tacos

Tacos are a fan-favourite food all around the world. The delicious combination of meat, vegetables, cheese, and more all stuffed in a shell has become a staple in many people’s diets. Turns out, tacos have a delicious and long history as well! As most people know, tacos originated in Mexico hundreds of years ago. During that time, the meal contained a soft, corn-based tortilla shell and a filling of different types of meat of fish. There was not, however, any other kinds of toppings like we have today. As time went on, tacos became a very popular food among workers because of its ease. In fact, it was so popular with miners that they became known as “tacos de minero”. Taquerías existed mostly in the middle class neighbourhoods because that is where most of the workers lived. This is where the name ‘taco’ originated from. As Mexican immigrants began coming into the US, they introduced the taco to the Americans in the form of food trucks, who were run by “chili queens”. Soon after, “American” ingredients were introduced to the taco, like cheese and vegetables. The popularity of the meal skyrocketed when Taco Bell was opened, offering people a type of Mexican-American food. As the popularity grew, so did the developments, like hard shells. Today, tacos have become a widespread love around the world, but they have strayed a lot from their original form!


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