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The History of Vegeterianism

Similar to veganism, vegetarianism, the practice of refraining from involving animal products and otherwise from one's diet and overall lifestyle, with exceptions, has grown greatly over the years. Tying back to nearly four thousand years ago, studies have shown that the diets of Egyptians consisted of vegetarian methods. Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher, had played a significant role in vegetarianism, as previously stated, he was one who believed in equality amongst both humans and animals, and that animals deserved no harm to come to them. Before the actual term “vegetarian” had been created, terms such as being “Pythagorean” or practicing “Pythagoreans diet” were used to establish one’s vegetarianism. The term itself was created in 1847 when in England, the Vegetarian Society was founded, created using the words vegetable and agrarian. From then on, vegetarianism would grow and develop, as now, nearly 2.5 million people identify as a vegetarian in Canada, compared to 900,000 about fifteen years ago. It is evident vegetarianism has made an impact on society and people, and it is clear it continues to do so.


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