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This vs. That: Dark and Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats in the world. With varieties ranging far and wide, the choice of what kind of chocolate to each often becomes a struggle.

The whole idea of dark chocolate is that it has a “darker”, more intense flavour. This is done by having a higher amount of cocoa than milk chocolate. Depending on the quality and desired flavour, dark chocolate can have different amounts of cocoa in it. Additionally, dark chocolate does not have added milk solids, which are present in milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate is made with a milk base (surprising, right?). Depending on the quality of the chocolate, it can be made from different forms of milk (condensed, powdered, or “fresh”). It is usually lower in cocoa and has a sweeter flavour rather than a bitter one. Milk sugar also contains more sugar than dark chocolate, which is why it is sweeter.

Overall, dark chocolate would be considered healthier, but as long as they are consumed in moderation, both dark and milk chocolate and delicious treats!


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