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This vs. That: Excessive Junk Food and Excessive Drinking

We all know that eating junk food and drinking too much is unhealthy for us, but have you ever wondered which one is actually worse for your body? Well, turns out they’re both pretty bad.

Junk food is bad for us because of its ingredients. Fast food is often high in calories and carbohydrates while being low in fiber and other nutrients. This means that as we eat these foods, many harmful substances are produced. For example, when carbs go through the digestive system, they produce glucose. If fast food is eaten often, the body isn’t able to cope with the high amounts of glucose and makes you prone to high blood sugar, weight gain, and type 2 diabetes. Eating junk food also usually means grabbing a soda, which contains copious amounts of sugar. One serving of soda contains over the amount of the recommended sugar intake per day and no other nutrients. Fast food increases your bad cholesterol levels and contains high amounts of sodium, which causes problems in the cardiovascular system. Junk food can even have an effect on your mental health and fertility, as the unhealthy ingredients in it cause trouble in those areas. Eating junk food also affects your metabolism, which can also affect your insulin levels and cause type 2 diabetes.

Drinking also causes many health problems. Firstly, the short term effects of drinking can thinks like cause alcohol poisoning and miscarriage/stillbirth in pregnant women. The long terms of alcohol are the ones that are most dangerous and harmful to the body. Long-term alcohol use causes many problems for the pancreas and liver and can stop them from functioning properly. For example, the liver is responsible for cleaning our toxins from the body. Long-term drinking stops the liver from being able to do this, meaning your body has no filtration system. This can be extremely serious and even lead to death. The damage caused to the pancreas makes it unable to stabilize the sugar levels in your blood, which can cause diabetes-related issues. Alcohol also damages the central nervous system, causing memory loss, impulse control issues, and permanent brain damage. Drinking also has a negative effect on your cardiovascular system, which can cause heart attacks, stokes, and heart failure. Excessive drinking can damage your reproductive system, making it harder to conceive in the future. The addictive nature of alcohol is also extremely dangerous as it makes it difficult to stop, therefore exacerbating all of these health issues.

Overall, both of these habits are extremely unhealthy and cause serious long-term damage to the body. We’ll let you decide for yourself which one is worse…


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