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This vs. That: Fresh and Frozen Food

Many have often heard that fresh is always better and that frozen foods are never comparable to their fresh counterparts. However, this may not actually be true!

Fresh food, such as produce and meat, provide all the standard health benefits that they claim to. However, the quality of those health benefits can be dependant on how those products were processed and how long they have been in the store. For example, produce that has been imported from another country has followed rigorous transportation, which could diminish some of the benefits. When it comes to meals, however, the health benefits in those using fresh ingredients outnumber those of frozen ones.

Though it was previously thought that freezing foods took away many of the health benefits found in the fresh version, recent studies have actually suggested that it is not true. In fact, scientists have found that frozen meat has virtually no difference in health benefits than fresh meat. It has also been found that frozen fruit and vegetables are no less healthy than their fresh counterparts because they are packaged as soon as they are harvested. The freezing process has been found to not affect the nutrients in the produce. However, when it comes to frozen meals, freshly made food is healthier as frozen meals often has many additives to make it last for longer, as well as many added ingredients that would not be present if the meal was freshly cooked.

When comparing fresh and frozen food, it is important to remember what foods are being compared. When it comes to produce, there may not be a significant difference between the two, meaning one should buy whatever works with their lifestyle and budget. However, when it comes to meals, it is ideal to use fresh food in order to max out on health benefits!


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