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This vs. That: Organic and Free-Range

Many people often confuse free-range and organic to mean the same. In actuality, these terms refer to different farming practices and are not necessarily tied to each other. Though the two can overlap, they do not have to and, in principal, mean different things.

Free-range eggs are eggs that come from hens who have access to the outdoors. They are allowed to roam outside, which is something traditional chicken farming does not allow. Free-range chickens are often healthier and “happier”, which contributed to the overall animal welfare of the animals. These eggs are also usually higher in nutrients than regular eggs because the hens that produce them are healthier.

Organic farming focuses on the overall health of every part of the farm. This includes the farmers, animals, crops, soil, and water sources are all treated well and are supported. In organic farming, the natural life cycle of the farm is respected and often used to the farmers advantage, meaning chemical and man-made intervention is not allowed. Though organic farming does not specify whether animals must be outside and does not require it, because the farming aims to mimic nature, they often end up being free to roam. However, this is not necessarily a main part of organic farming and purchasing organic eggs does not mean that they are free range.

Now that you know the difference, you can go make the choice that you think is the best for you!


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