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What Are Free-Range Eggs?

Many people might not know, but there are many types of eggs. We have our standard white eggs in addition to our traditional brown eggs, and we also have what are called free-range eggs. Free-range eggs are eggs produced by chickens, or hens specifically, which are granted the outdoors. What this means is these hens are ones that have the potential access to be outside and in nature, compared to white eggs which are produced by chickens that are not typically free-range and do not have the same type of access to the outdoors and such. Free-range eggs are packed with nutrients and vitamins beneficial for you, consisting of protein, Vitamins A, E, and D, half the amount of calories, and more, each playing a significant role in benefiting your health and your body. Aside from aiding you and your health, free-range eggs also benefit the hens that lay them. Being free-range allows for them to lead healthier lifestyles, gaining access to necessities such as fresh water and healthy nutrients. With this newly acquired knowledge, the next time you're debating what kind of eggs you want in your fridge, consider free-range.


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