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What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are anything that is used to kill or regulate things considered as ‘pests’ in agriculture. There are many types of pesticides for different kinds of pests, such as herbicides for unwanted plants and insecticides for unwanted insects on the field. They are often sprayed on the fields in a synthetic chemical form, but can also be created from natural ingredients. Pesticides help farmers regulate the unwanted elements of their fields and help them protect their crops, livestock, and at times, themselves. There are also risks to pesticides, as they often end up in the air, ground, and sometimes water. They also present some human health risks, as they have been linked to cancer and reproductive difficulties. The public and the agriculture sector is recognizing these risks and are developing more pesticide-free options to choose from, as well as reverting to more natural, less toxic methods of controlling pests!


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