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What Does "Farm-To-Table" Mean?

The term “farm-to-table” has become popular in recent years as both a health and sustainability-driven buzz word. It might be confusing to understand what the term actually means, but it is important to know what context it is being used in. In reality, every piece of food that you eat comes from a farm to your table. However, people often use “farm-to-table” to describe products that went through as few steps as possible between the start and finish. For example, this often means unprocessed, local products because they are as authentic as possible, as if they came directly from the farm to your table. There are great advantages to buying farm-to-table products as buying locally reduces the impact on the environment dramatically. In some cases, the fact that the food isn’t processed can also offer some health benefits. Overall, farm-to-table foods refers to foods that went through as little interference with as possible between the two destinations!


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