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What Does Zero Waste Mean?

Zero waste has become a very popular phrase over the last very years as sustainability has come into the forefront of the world’s mind. However, it can become confusing to keep track of all the different works and phrases as more and more comes to light. Zero waste basically is exactly what it sounds like, something that produces no waste. This can be applied to a product, meaning that it has packing that can be composted or recycled, or it can be applied to a process, meaning that no waste was created during the entire creation process of a certain product. It is important to look up which kind of zero waste the product states to be, though both are positive in the grand scheme of things. The selling of zero waste products has become more popular over the years, however it has been more difficult in the food space as a lot of waste can be created in all steps of the production area. As the industry moves to be more sustainable, more companies are trying to move towards creating zero waste products and making them available to consumers!


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