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What is Manure Energy?

Manure energy is one of the most up-and-coming technologies in the agriculture industry. As the industry works to come up with new technologies to make farming more sustainable, one of the biggest issues that has come up is what to do with animal waste. Because animal waste, specifically cow’s manure, releases a lot of methane into the atmosphere, it has been a source of focus for many to try and reduce its effects on the environment. With that goal, companies have been working to create ways to turn the manure, specifically the methane and other gases it releases, into renewable energy. Basically, the farmer collects all the manure into a closed space so that it can turn into a liquid. While it does this, all the methane is released from the waste and collected. Then, it is transformed into electricity. Later, the liquid waste that is left can be used as fertilizer. Manure energy, also known as biogas, is considered one of the most innovative and efficient solutions for sustainability because of the way it creates a closed circle on the farm and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The electricity created can be used to power the farm, greatly reducing, or sometimes even completely cutting out the need for non-renewable electricity. Then, the liquid waste that remains can be used as fertilizer, which will help grow animal feed and reduce the need for artificial fertilizers. Then, the cows eat the feed and the whole cycle repeats. Overall, biogas is be great a solution to reduce the environmental impact caused by farming!


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