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Text Path Illustrator Cs4 Serial Numberl




Very often this problem arises when the web host does not have some fonts (or the fonts are not available for download) to display properly a web page. In this case, there are two possible solutions: 1. Using a suitable web host, which is capable of hosting web pages with web fonts, or 2. Installing fonts on the computer and changing the web page's CSS to load them. The second solution is the one we are going to go through. Solution 2: Installing fonts on the computer -------------------------------------------- We can install fonts directly on the computer. Download the font and put the files in the same folder as the Illustrator document. Select that folder as a target folder for the font installation, and click **Install Font**. Photoshop should now display the new font in the Font panel (see [Figure 2](#f2-jresv95n4p173_a1b){ref-type="fig"}). ![Installing a new font. This figure shows how to install a new font in Photoshop CS3. The installation folder is selected in the left-hand panel. The font file is then copied to the installation folder and is then given a new font name. The font name is automatically changed to the name of the folder in which the font file is located. The Illustrator file is then saved with the new font installed.](jresv95n4p173_a1bf2){#f2-jresv95n4p173_a1b} Once the font is installed, it is important to save the Illustrator file with the new font name. Solution 3: Using a suitable web host ------------------------------------- A web host is a server that provides space for web pages and the software for putting them together (e.g., PHP, HTML, Flash, CSS, and so on). Web hosts can be free or can charge for web pages. Our example is a web host that charges for its services. If this is the case, we are going to have to pay a fee to use its services. However, we can still access the web host's server space for a few hours. Create a folder called **adobe** in the web host's server space, and make it accessible to the web host. There should be an option to copy the files, or you can simply give the web host the location of the folder.




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Text Path Illustrator Cs4 Serial Numberl

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