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What Are Ear Tags?

If you have ever been to a livestock farm of any kind, you may have noticed that the animals have earring-like tags attached to their earlobes. If you’ve wondered what they are, today’s your lucky day! Basically, those tags provide identification and tracking information to the farmer who is in charge of the livestock. The advancement of the ear tag depends on the brand, but the most basic kinds allow the farmer to track its animals through radio frequency. The number on the tag that identifies the animal can be made specifically as to provide information about the animal, such as the year it was born. The information stored on the tag can also provide additional help to the farmer. For example, the tags on calves can include the date of birth, gender, who the mother is, etc. to help keep track of it as it grows up. Ear tags are crucial for farmers and help them keep an organized and well-functioning farm. It helps personalize each animal and helps the farmer help the animals in the best health possible!


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