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What is a Combine?

Combines, formally known as combine harvesters, are large machines that are used to harvest crops such as wheat, corn, oats, etc. Combines work to both harvest and separate the grains at the same time. Versions of combines have existed since 1835, but have developed tremendously as technology improved. The header of the combine is the part that cuts the plant and sends it into the system. Then, they move through the machine and are shaken in order to separate the grains from the crop. Once they are separated, the grains travel out through a chimney-like tube into a grain tank, which usually drives besides the combine. The rest of the crop travels through a different tube in the back and is used for different purposes such as straw for animal bedding. Combines come in many different sizes depending on the needed coverage and the brand that produces the machine. These are extremely efficient and are even labeled the “King of the Harvest” by Successful Farming. The efficiency, power, and look of these machines make them purely majestic!


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