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What is Cow Comfort?

Cow comfort is an incredibly important part of a farm and is one that the farmer is very passionate about. Cow comfort makes sure that the cows have the best quality of life and are being taken care of sufficiently. This means that their physical, emotional, and physiological needs are met. There has been a lot of research and technology developed to optimize cow comfort, such as the most comfortable farm design, temperature control to keep cow heated/cooled, best quality feed, etc. Comfortable cows are the priority for the farmers, as healthy and happy cows means a sustainable and efficient farm. When a cow is happy, she naturally produces more milk, gets sick less, and is not stressed, making her comfortable in her environment. Prioritizing cow comfort if beneficial for both cow and farmer because less-stressed cows provide more milk for the farmer, and the cows are happy and comfortable. We should continue to make sure that farms are the most comfortable places for cows and put their welfare at the forefront!


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