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What is Fermentation?

You may of may not have heard of fermentation, but I can (almost) guarantee that you are eating fermented foods every once in a while, which means you should probably know what it means. Fermentation is a process of manipulating foods that has been around for almost 10,000 years. It describes the changes that happen to a food as a result of yeast or other bacteria growing, and produces carbon dioxide or alcohol. This happens in the is a setting without oxygen, meaning it cannot happen in an open setting. This process is done many products that you might consume regularly, such as yoghurt, beer, kombucha, and so on. Fermented foods are typically very high in probiotics, meaning that they are healthy and great for the digestive system. Fermentation is also a great way to preserve foods to make their self life longer. The process often alters the taste of food and gives it a bitter/unique taste, which can be a downside to some. Now that you know, you can go enjoy all your favourite fermented foods and maybe even try some new ones!


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