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What is Regenerative Agricutlure?

If you are part of the farming community, you may have heard of the term “regenerative agriculture” recently. However, it is important for all of us to understand the term and what it means in terms of farming. The main principal of regenerative agriculture is that the farming practices used by the farmer shouldn’t only not harm the environment, but should actually replenish it. This means using alternative pesticides and herbicides that are not chemical, not using genetically modified organisms, and implementing biodiverse practices, such as having animals on the fields. The goal of regenerative agriculture is to replenish the land and ecosystem around the farm, meaning that there are no strict rules as circumstances change between places. A big focus of regenerative agriculture is keeping the soil healthy, which consequently contributes to the health of everything around the fields. Regenerative agricultural practices also have other consequences, such as restoring original ecosystems and reducing the farm’s impact on the environment.


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