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The Health Benefits of Water

The saying “8 glasses a day” is something we have probably all heard at some point in our life, and it usually accompanied by an explanation as to why water is so important for us. Though we all know it is important to drink water, many of us don’t understand the extent of what water does for us and our bodies. Aside from preventing dehydration, water helps regulate our body temperature and bodily functions, which keeps us feeling good. It also contributes a lot of our ability to move, as water helps to polish our joints and even protects our spinal cord and brain. This is why when someone is dehydrated for a long time, they can become irrational and have trouble focusing. Water is specifically important for your kidneys because they filter liquid to provide nutrients for your body. If you do not consume enough fluids, the kidneys will not function properly, which can lead to kidney disease and failure.

So how much do you need in order to stay healthy? To many’s surprise, the “8 glasses a day” rule doesn’t apply universally. To properly determine how much water you need to drink, you have to consider your daily activities (for example, if you work out or work at a physically demanding job), or if there are conditions around you leading you to need more water (for example, if it is very hot outside of if you are sick). The intake also depends on your sex, as it is recommended that men need more water than women do. Men should consume about 3.7 Litres (15 cups) of water a day, and women should consume about 2.7 Litres (11 cups). This water does not all have to come from drinking, as some foods contain the necessary liquid. Despite of getting hydration from food, most of your water intake should come from drinking.

Now that you know why you need water and how much of it you need, you can go on to be your hydrated best self!


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